Who We Are?

Graham Jones Alewan Engineering Consultant; operate with dedicated team of highly qualified and professional experienced manage the Company. The Management is commented to continue improvement and strives to meet and or exceed the expectation of the client in every project undertaken base on Green Building Design.

The Company can undertake all kinds of MEP projects from its study, detailed design, to supervision of the execution and commissioning Stage.

The requirements of Electrical Design for the HV & LV System, Plumbing, Fire fighting, Industrial Equipment and other works, shall be met with all satisfaction of main Consultant / the Client.

The initial capability of the Group to undertake heating and air-conditioning electrical design resulted in the successful completion of major contracts for all kinds of the buildings:

Commercial Buildings (Residence, offices and High Rise Building)

The study will be depended on the budget of the project decide by the client after meet all applicable standards and codes based on energy saving standards (LEED).

Prestige Buildings

(Hospital, hotels, Shopping Malls, Laboratories Restaurants) the study considered to this type of the building will be additional to applicable standards and codes based on energy saving standards (LEED).


The study will achieve environment comfort, infection control energy conversation of life safety, operation and maintenance providing design strategies known to meet applicable standards and health care codes based on energy saving standards (LEED).


The study of Modern Laboratories required regulated temperature, humidity, relative static pressure, air motion; air cleanness sound studies including the function of the Laboratories as it’s important in determining the appropriate system.

Industrial Plants (Factories, Substation, Pumping Station)

  • Reliable System operation with adequate redundancy
  • Energy efficiency and operating cost saving, incorporating environmentally friendly design concepts.
  • Cost effective system with reduced maintenance requirements.
  • To approach in MEP Design to Green Building in all the related


The Company offers a complete, fully integrated and coordinated mechanical and electrical design services with complete detailed Bill of Quantities for activities such as, but not limited to. Follow up all approval to authorities after complying with all regulations.

All MEP Design is based on international standards and codes. All load calculation will be computerized program (Carrier E20-II) , Blok load, HAP 4.2, oxytech.etc…

The activities will be done under the design:

Mechanical Engineering:

  • Air conditioning, ventilation and air treatment system in general
  • Heating and Chiller Plants
  • Refrigeration plants
  • Plumbing systems
  • Storm and Sewage System
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Compressed  Air Systems
  • Gas Systems
  • All piping Systems

Electrical Engineering:

  • Complete Electrical Design for Buildings of all kind
  • High and Low Voltage Design
  • Substation design
  • Underground Transmission Network Design
  •  Building Automation and monitoring systems
  • Fire Alarm Detection
  • Telecommunication Network and Public Address System
  • Street Lighting
  • Small Power and Lighting Systems.
  • Structured Cabling System for IT.

Industrial Engineering

  • Pumping Stations
  • Water Treatment Plants.
  • Pipelines
  • Industrial Factories
  • Plants, works shops, with Heavy Equipment.

Statutory Approvals

We do the following for statutory approvals for Local Authorities Electricity, Water Connection, Fire Fighting and Fire Alarm (Civil Defense) , Drainage and storm Water Approvals.



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