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Project Management Group – GJLE1 is a professional services company, specializing in Project Management in the construction, infrastructure, and real-estate industries.

With the UAE being a hub of growth and expansion in the construction field, there is real demand for seasoned professionals that not just have a thorough understanding of project management services, but can also keep up with the fast-paced constructions industry to suit the innovative ideas that are being brought to the region.

GJLE1 has been founded to fulfill the need of aniche market, focusing its attention primarily on the area of Project Management & Quantity Surveying of Construction of Projects. While still being a growing Practice, GJLE1 brings a wealth of experience to its growing client portfolio through its team, who amongst themselves, bring over 20 years of experience in the industry.

This experience has been gathered both regionally and globally through an association with leading world class firms. Our highly personalized approach to meeting client‟s objectives and our dedication to each client‟s success have made us the preferred partner for many construction companies in various sectors in the UAE and Middle East.

With a passion for innovation and challenging projects, GJLE1 hand –picks the finest and brightest qualified professionals in Surveying, Architecture, Engineering, Risk Management, Contract Management and Dispute Resolution from all over the world. Not only do our people have the technical expertise, they also have sophisticated communication skills. They understand your requirements and are committed to working closely with you to ensure your objectives are met By developing close relationships with our clients, and focusing our attention on their success, we are able to fully understand the project at hand, and therefore, construct the right team of professionals and subject matter experts to deliver results that go beyond expectations.

With an impressive track record of successful projects run by experienced Project Managers, GJLE1 has earned the trust of major clients in the UAE. Whether it be strategic cost modeling or advice in relation to contract and procurement, or pro-active cost management, value engineering, or risk and value management, GJLE1 offers credibility, capability and an assurance that its professional, experienced and continually developed resources will deliver real savings and value at all stages of the project lifecycle. Our international expertise coupled with our extensive local knowledge has made GJLE1 really stand out in the market, and outperform the standard.

GJLE1 professional services cover the management of a construction development from inception to completion. Our primary service include: Project Management, Quantity Surveying, Cost Management, Building Surveying, Contract Management, and a number of other extra services.



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